Community Team

The Community Team fosters the community to aid belonging, holistic care and S’Mart Community involvement.  This includes creating fun, listening out for families in need of support, and encouraging families to get involved with Smart Community events.

Class parent reps

Class parent reps are the heart of the team! We aim to have at least one parent per class, with one of the key roles being to help organise class or pod events throughout the year to help parents and families get to know each other better.

Friendship lists

Friendship lists are a key aid to organising of social events like play dates and birthdays, and for parents to get to know, encourage and support each other. At the beginning of the year the Community Team helps set up pod friendship lists. Families who choose to participate receive a hard copy of the friendship list for the pod their child is part of. Each contact list is confidential and is only for use by those who participated in that friendship list.   


The Community Team helps organise the beginning of year school picnic and disco, and assist with the organisation of the end of year parent and teacher thank-you.  Ladies Nights and Dads Nights are scheduled each term for parents to hang out in a casual environment.  Parent reps help organise class, pod or syndicate events throughout the year.

Meals / Baking Database

The Smart Community has a MEALS database to help families in crisis and a BAKING database to help these families and for catering for events.    It would be great to have more people on the databases.  Please email  if you are willing to be asked about helping with meals or baking.  If your family ever needs meal support (baby born, crisis), please let your parent rep or class teacher know so we can help.

So if you sign up, what will it involve?

We aim to have one meeting per term, and then we anticipate you will help to organise pod/class events and any other activities you have time to assist with!

If you’d like to be a parent rep, or to help out on the community team email