Management Committee

The management committee is comprised of a chairperson, secretary and treasurer and team leaders for the community, practical jobs and fundraising teams and additional committee members, and is the legal body of the S’Mart Community.

The management committee provides a forum to allow the different “arms” of the S’mart Community to liaise and co-ordinate, and ensure (where possible) that no activities or actions occur that are not in the spirit of the S’mart Community. Decisions about how S’Mart Community funds are spent is made by the management committee

The current committee is:

Chair – Jamie Billings

Treasurer – Tracy Taylor

Secretary – Shelley Harford

Practical jobs – Rochelle Kingi

Community Team  – Ange Tiller

Fundraising – Aimee Bloy and Debra Purdue

Committee members –  Jo Norris, Kate Dasler, Karina Pettigrew and Leigh Bougen,

Teacher representative – Jenny Wood,

and Board representative – Kate Hodgins

Logistics team

The logistics team provides the “logistic functions” for the S’Mart Community management committee and so includes the chairperson, secretary and treasurer of the committee. A key role of the team is to communicate S’Mart Community information via the school newsletters, website and email through a Communications person (or people) – so if you’re keen on communication and like to be involved let us know! –