Practical Jobs Team

The role of the Practical Jobs Team is pretty self-explanatory! We provide a ‘hands-on’ practical support function to the S’Mart Community. In addition to parents, the practical jobs team includes a fabulous teacher liaison who assists with identifying what needs to be done.  

Our team organises and delivers the manpower to get stuff done!

Why should you sign up?

That’s easy, 4 simple reasons:

  1. Meet and have a laugh with other parents
  2. Keep in the loop with what’s happening at the school
  3. Enjoy some time-out from the usual weekly ‘routine’ grind
  4. Experience the honest-to- goodness ‘warm fuzzy’ that comes with simply helping out!
So if you sign up, what will it involve?

We are quite a low-key group, as we like having the ‘back-ground’ type jobs…as a member you would be:

  • asked to commit to just one specific job for the year – some examples:
    • mucking in at one of the ground working bees
    • helping pour drinks at a function
    • finding electrical equipment in classrooms to be safety tested
  • kept in the PJT loop via group emails
  • making a one year commitment to the team

The amount of time you decide to donate is completely up to you – it can be a little or a lot – every hour is valued.

The way we see it, if majority of Smart Community members just helped with one small task each year, imagine how easy it would be to get a lot of stuff done!

Keen? What should you do next?
  1. First step…simply email our Team Leaders on to say you’d like to join the team.
  2. You’ll be added to the group’s email list, and start to receive any relevant updates, term meeting invites or requests.
  3. As jobs come up, or working bees are scheduled, you’ll receive an email request to assist if you are able… and don’t forget, many hands make light work so everyone appreciates your help!